Frequently Asked Questions


Basic Security Questions:

Getting Started

How do I qualify for SkyBest Security?
Residents and business owners in Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Watauga, Caldwell and Catawba counties are eligible to become SkyBest Security customers. Customers who also subscribe to SkyBest High-Speed Internet will receive a discount on SkyBest Security.

How do I know what equipment I'll need for my home or business?
Security Systems are not a one size fits all product. You need a custom solution to meet your individual needs. Call today and schedule a free on-site evaluation with one of our qualified security technicians. We will explain the options available and help you decide the most effective and affordable solution to secure your home or business.

How do I get started?
Call one of our local customer service centers at 1-800-759-2226 and ask to speak with one of our SkyBest Security Specialists.

What should I expect at my consultation?

Why is SkyBest Security the best choice for security in our area?
SkyBest Security is offered by the qualified local staff that you know and trust at SkyBest Communications. Because SkyBest Security communicates over the SkyLine/SkyBest network, there will never be a communication issue between your security provider and your telephone company. It's one and the same. This provides peace-of-mind that your security system will be working properly and communicating with the security central station in the event of an emergency. And, of course, you will always be able to reach a local, knowledgeable service professional if you have any questions or concerns about your system.

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Is SkyBest Security affordable?
SkyBest Security monthly monitoring rates are well-below monthly rates from national providers. Your equipment costs depend on your particular needs, so you can choose the amount of coverage that you need to feel secure in your home.

Do I have to pay for my equipment upfront?
Yes. Your SkyBest Security equipment will be billed on your next SkyLine/SkyBest bill. We do offer a special deal on the basic wireless equipment package. If you sign a three-year service agreement, the basic wireless equipment package and installation are only $199. Pricing varies on additional equipment needed for custom solutions and will also be billed on your next SkyLine/SkyBest bill.

What is the cost of the installation?
A standard installation is valued at $270. This fee will be waived for first-time SkyBest Security customers. More complex installations with additional equipment will cost more. Your security technician will advise you upfront of all costs to effectively secure your home during your FREE onsite evaluation.

Will I be billed for this on my monthly statement?
Yes, your monthly monitoring fee will be found on your regular SkyLine/SkyBest bill. You will receive a discount on your service if you also subscribe to SkyBest High-Speed Internet. Your upfront equipment and installation fees will be billed on the first SkyLine/SkyBest monthly statement you receive after installation.

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Can I add services after my initial installation?
Yes. You can contact SkyBest Security to make additions and changes to your system at any time. Call for specific pricing.

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Video Questions:

Getting Started

How many cameras can I stream at once, and can I stream cameras in separate windows?
You can stream up to six cameras at once (providing you have the required bandwidth). Yes, individual cameras are streamed in separate windows.

What version(s) of Total Connect™ support the enhanced viewer?
The enhanced viewer is supported on Total Connect 2.0 and later versions.

What is the process for setting up the iPCAMs?
You will need an active AlarmNet® and Total Connect account number. Our IP cameras are plug and play.

What's included in the box with the product?
The camera, stand, antenna and power transformer.

How does your remote service for the camera work?
An active AlarmNet® account will enable you to enroll your IP camera and view via Total Connect.

Will captured video and live video be viewable from a mobile device?
Yes, live, streaming video can be viewed from an Android™, BlackBerry® or iPhone® mobile device using Honeywell's Total Connect mobile application.

How many cameras can I install per each AlarmNet® account number?
You can install six cameras per AlarmNet account.

Can live video be viewed from a mobile device?
Yes, streaming video can be viewed using Honeywell's Total Connect mobile application.

How do you view recorded clips?
Clips will be viewable in the event history page of the website. It will be a click-to-play item on each video-related event.

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iPCAM-WI2 Wired/Wireless IP Camera

How is the camera powered?
A +5V 1A DC power transformer is included in the box. The center pin is positive and outer core is negative.

Is motion detection available?
Yes, can define four regions of interest (video motion detection areas) with configurable-programmable sensitivity for each region – motion detection can be scheduled by day and time.

Can I utilize the microphone and speaker output on the device?
Currently, we do not support those features.

Can the device be mounted?
Yes. At the bottom of the stand you will see some mounting holes for screws and will notice the stand that is connected to the camera can be moved to facilitate wall mounting.

What is the range of the device when used wirelessly?
Coverage depends on the placement of the wireless camera and the wireless access point (WAP) or router in the application.

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IPCAM-WO Outdoor IP Camera

How many outdoor cameras may be used per Total Connect Video Services account?
Up to six cameras in any combination (indoor or outdoor) are allowed per account.

Is the iPCAM-WO wired or wireless?
The iPCAM-WO may be wired directly into an Ethernet port on a router or using Wi-Fi capability with push-button WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup). WPS requires a compatible router or adding a Honeywell WAP (Wireless Access Point).

How is the iPCAM-WO powered?
The iPCAM-WO requires 12V 1A. The power adapter is supplied.

Does the iPCAM-WO have night vision capability?
Yes, the iPCAM-WO features a day/night mode that provides LED illumination to support black/white video. The LED illumination range is up to 25 feet.

What is the temperature range for the iPCAM-WO?
-10° F – 113° F (-23° C – 45° C)

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iPCAM-PT Pan/Tilt Camera

Are there any preset pan/tilt settings?
Yes, we support up to four settings that will allow quick navigation to a pre-determined camera view. A programmable variable speed motor will control how quickly the camera moves into position.

Are there any automatic pan capabilities?
Yes, the auto-pan function allows scanning of view from side to side.

Does iPCAM-PT have motion detection?
Yes, two distinct motion triggering options—digital video analytics and built-in motion sensor. Each can be programmed independently.

Can the device be mounted?
Yes. At the bottom of the stand you will see some mounting holes for screws and you will notice the stand that is connected to the camera can be moved to facilitate wall mounting.

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WAP Wireless Access Point

How does a wireless access point (WAP) work?
In computer networking, a wireless access point (WAP) is a device that allows wireless communication devices to connect to a wireless network using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or related standards. The WAP usually connects to a wired network, and can relay data between the wireless devices (such as computers or printers) and wired devices on the network.

When is an access point (WAP) necessary?
1. Wireless installation in premises without a wireless router
2. Premises wireless router does not have WPS capability
3. Dealers preference to standardize on WAP to minimize router compatibility issues

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Analog Converter Unit (ACU)

What cameras may be used with the ACU?
Any analog camera will be converted to digital and can then be viewed though Total Connect Video Services.

How many cameras may be used per ACU?
The limit is one camera per ACU.

How many ACUs may be used per Total Connect™ Video account?
Six ACUs per account may be used.

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Changing Batteries on Your Security System

  1. Call SkyLine/SkyBest Customer Service at 1-800-759-2226 to have the battery you need dropped at the SkyLine/SkyBest location of your preference.
  2. Call Security Central at 1-800-438-4171 and ask for Customer Service.
  3. Have them put your monitoring in “TEST.” We suggest you put it in test for an hour.
  4. You can now change the battery/batteries that show on your panel. Be aware that your panel will alert you of a tamper. However with you system in “TEST” the monitoring station will not respond.
  5. When the batteries are changed, simply reset your system by arming and disarming your system twice.
  6. When the hour is up your system will automatically cycle out of “Test” and your security system should restore the low battery and function properly.

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*Some restrictions apply. Service available in N.C. only.